Conference to support Displaced persons and displaced in Kurdistan Region

An invitation to join us for the conference support displaced people and displaced component of Arab in the Kurdistan Region by Mr.Modher Sami Shawkat president of National Salvation Front.

And a friendly meeting collective with some friends in VIP Saad Abdullah Hall:

Mr.Majid Hammed Mezouari-official of Kurdistan BulgarianCommercial and industrial center.

Mr.Ali Awny-official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Branch 20.

Mr.Halgurd Hekmat-Director General of Information and Culture and national awareness of the Ministry of Peshmerga.

Mr.Amir Jargees-Europe official Department of Foreign Relations of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan.

Mr. Dean Corner (Elmy Mezouari) of the Kurdistan commandos.

Mr.Salah Alslefani-Brigade Corner.

Ms. Saadia Mohammed-president of the Women’s Union of Kurdistan province of Arbil branch.

Mrs. Amal Mahmoud, director of  office official of Kurdistan BulgarianCommercial and industrial center.
And Ms. Jwan Khan, director of Baherka area.

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