About Us

About Kurdistan Bulgaria Friendship Society :

 The association was establish earlier in 2012, and the aim behind establishing it was to open prospects of cooperation between Kurdistan region and Bulgaria, and to exchange thoughts and ideas as well as experiences, and to support the economic and commercial cooperation in between. The association gave the priority to investment and commercial aspects, and provided the support to the Bulgarian partner in other sectors such as agriculture and tourism.

The cooperation yielded actual effects on the ground, as many agreements have been signed, and other contacts in different sectors under the supervision of the association.


The Bulgarian- Kurdistan commercial and industrial center :

Late in 2013, The government of Kurdistan-Iraq region approved to establish the center, thus it started its work in 2014, when it did many things that facilitated the commercial interaction between Kurdistan and Bulgaria, and participated in supporting investment and industry in the region, and yielded within a short period  many achievements as signing a protocol and a memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the commercial center and the chamber of commerce and industry in Haskovo in Bulgaria.