Our Goals

The Key objective of the Friendship Union:-

1. The main objective is to exchange cultural knowledge with the Bulgarian people and to improve the social  and economical relationships.

2. To transfer the support and helps granted by the Bulgarian to Kurdistan Region.

3. To have Well-organized relationship for scholarship and missions to study in Bulgarian , as the Kurds student have desire to study in Bulgaria. To make good relationships to established more company both in Bulgaria and in Kurdistan Region.

4. To support  various projects and contracts such as industrial, agricultural and commercial projects.

5. To support all those people who visit Bulgaria for the purpose of trading and commercial activities.

6.To improve the opportunity for investments in Kurdistan Region, since it has many important natural resources.

7. The Bulgarian could get advantages of this friendship to find work opportunities in Kurdistan Region.

8. The Union try to conduct and apply all the condition to meet the key objective as per conditions and instructions.

9. It will be a good opportunity for Kurdistan Region people to improve their information about the Bulgarian history, trade, industry, and other important elements, the same thing for the Bulgarian they could get information about Kurdistan Region.

10. It will be a good opportunity to arrange travels  between both countries and facilitate VISA issuance.

11. To support the children who needs special kind of treatments and medicines.